We are a technological company focused on the development of a brand new concept of Augmented Reality based tools.

We have developed two main products: Arapolarmic and Mapland.

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for leisure

Aratechlabs has developed other sort of applications using Augmented Reality. Mapland is a new way of having landscape information.

Mapland is a geolocalization tool based on Augmented Reality. Download it free and start using it for having information of your sourronding environment in real time using your phone.

Use your android mobile to access instant information of a landscape.

  • Off-line. No internet data needed.
  • Real time with your GPS system.
  • Towns, historical sites, geographical info.
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for audio

The target group for Aratechlabs’ audio tools englobes the professional and semiprofessional audio practitioners, audio education institutions or anybody for whom sound recording might be a relevant skill.

Arapolarmic is a new concept of multibrand audio tool that displays the polar pattern of a microphone in real time to reinforce its positioning relative to their enviroment (to discard or reinforce a sound source)

  • Real time monitoring
  • Fine tune mic position
  • Mic data base
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